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Taming of the Shrew (Taming of the Dude)

Outdoor Theatre Production: July 18 to August 3, 2024; Brampton ON

Taming of the Dude is a gender-swap of William Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. This will be a tickle-trunk, outdoor performance which will travel to 3 parks in Brampton ON. Actors may be asked to perform 1-3 roles and the action of the play will stop for Q&As with the audience and include fun, improvised summaries of the acts. 

Louie the Goat Productions is committed to creating work that reflects the rich culture and diversity of the Brampton community. We strongly encourage submissions from artists who self-identify as members of historically excluded communities, which includes (but is not limited to) those who identify as BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, d/Deaf, or who have a disability or chronic illness. We also strongly encourage artists to submit for the roles they feel align with their gender identity and/or gender expression. 


PROMO (TBA May/June)

  • 1x 4-hour promo shoot day 

  • option of Farmer's Market mini-performances/flyering

REHEARSALS (2 weeks)

  • 3x 4-hour evening rehearsals held in Brampton

  • 2x 8-hour rehearsals held on weekend in Toronto

  • 40 hours total rehearsal time

TECH (July 15-17)

  • 3x 5-hour Evenings in Brampton Outdoor venues

RUN (July 18-August 3)

  • 9 performances on Thurs, Fri, Sat evenings 

  • 7:30 pm curtain


$1000 honorarium plus profit-share, pending grant results*

Submission Guidelines and Dates:

Email headshot and resume to

Contact: Yvonne Dhanoa 

Include if you have a personal connection to Brampton/Peel, or if you self-identify as a member of historically excluded communities, which includes (but is not limited to) those who identify as BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, d/Deaf, or who have a disability or chronic illness.

Deadline: April 15, 12:00 pm ET





  • Penelope (gender-swap of Petruchio) - A gentlewoman from Verona. She is good friends with Henrietta and is looking for a husband. (female, age 20+)

  • Liliana (gender-swap of Lucentio) -  A young student from Pisa who has come to Padua to study at the university. She wants to marry Benjamin. (female, age 20+)

  • Teresa (gender-swap of Tranio) - Liliana's loyal servant from Pisa. She has been brought up in Victoria's household. (female, age 20+)

  • Henrietta (gender-swap of Hortensio) - Wants to marry Benjamin. She is good friends with Penelope and lives in Padua. Disguises herself as a MUSIC teacher - must be able to play an instrument  (female, age 20+)

  • Gabrielle (gender-swap of Gremio) - An old woman who wants to marry Benjamin. She is good friends with Bethany.  (female, age 35+)

  • Gwendolyn (gender-swap of Grumio) - Penelope's Servant. She lives in Verona. (female, age 20+)

  • Victoria (gender-swap of Vincentio) - Liliana's mother. She lives in Pisa. (female, age 35+)

  • Pedant - A scholar passing through Padua, is convinced by Teresa to impersonate Victoria.  (female, age 35+)


While we are workshopping for as much of a gender-swap as possible for this production, we wish to see artists' specific choices of

characters. We encourage artists to share their interpretations of characters in the audition.

This production will be the third installment of Brampton’s Own Shakespeare Show. Our mandate is to highlight and develop artists from Brampton, ON. Therefore, preference will be given to artists who live in, or have a personal connection to, Brampton/Peel Region. Please include these details with your submission. 


Please prepare 1 comedic and 1 dramatic Shakespearean monologue, no more than 1 minute each. If you play an instrument or sing, please prepare a song of your choice, no more than 32 bars. 

Submission Deadline is April 15, 12:00 pm ET

*If we receive grant funding, we will compensate our artists according to the CAEA DOT agreement.


We are actively seeking to fulfil a series of paid and volunteer positions for this summer's production of Taming of the Dude. Positions include: Production Manager, Sound Technician, Lighting Technician and Front of House. 

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