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Max Most Ackerman | #12

Balthasar | Friar Francis | Fight Safety Consultant

Max Ackerman is an independent actor, director, writer, and producer from Toronto, Ontario and the founder and Artistic Director of Dandelion Theatre.  He gravitates towards work that is surreal, fantastical, and epic, creating immersive pieces that provoke the imagination along with all five senses.  He is particularly attracted to stories that bend the rules of reality, and pushing his visions to see how tangible and realistic he can make the most unreal of stories.  Recent acting credits include This Is War, Henry IV Part II (Theatre Erindale), and an upcoming production of Sky Gilbert’s Who’s Afraid of Titus (Red Sandcastle Theatre). Recent directorial credits include The Sinai Sessions, After Icarus, and an audio workshop of The Hands of Hypatia (and Other Stories) (Dandelion Theatre), and DEATH: A Love Story (Theatre Erindale).

Max Most Ackerman | #12: Team
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