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Twelfth Night

A note from the Director

Welcome to the Brampton’s Own Shakespeare Show. This is our second season, and I’m so happy that you are here to share this experience with us. Supporting independent local theatre is a fantastic thing, so thank you!

I truly hope that you have a fantastic evening as we perform “Twelfth Night”, one of Shakespeare’s most crowd-pleasing comedies. We’ll be stopping the action twice for questions, so please don’t be shy and raise your hand. It is our ultimate goal to make as many people fall in love this summer, with Shakespeare, with outdoor theatre, and with our Brampton parks. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Thank you,
Yvonne Dhanoa

P.S. If you have 2 min after the show, please fill out our audience feedback survey (QR code below). It would be so helpful to hear what you think. 

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A shipwreck off the coast of Illyria separates identical twins Viola and Sebastian, who both believe the other to have drowned. The Captain saves Viola, and brings her to Illyria. Viola asks the Captain to disguise her as a eunuch/man named “Cesario” so that she can serve Duke Orsino. As “Cesario”, Viola falls in love with Duke Orsino. This becomes a problem, as Duke Orsino is in love with Lady Olivia, and sends “Cesario” to woo Olivia on his behalf. Olivia, despite being in mourning for her brother’s death, promptly falls in love with “Cesario”, completing the love triangle. 

Sir Toby Belch, Lady Olivia’s uncle, is tired of being in mourning, and so tries to liven things up with drinking and partying. This greatly upsets Olivia’s servant Malvoli. When Malvolio shuts down the party, Sir Toby, Maria, Sir Andrew and Feste the Clown set onto a plot to trick and humiliate Malvolio. Maria forges a letter in Olivia’s handwriting and leaves it for Malvolio to find, which will instruct him to do many things that will make a great fool of himself. 

Later, Sebastian is found to have been rescued by another sea captain, Antonio. The two set out on a journey to Illyria. Upon arriving, Sebastian is mistaken to be “Cesario”, and the mayhem of mistaken identity ensues. 

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Cast & Crew Roster

Twelfth Night

July 20 to August 5, 2023
Chinguacousy Park | Mount Pleasant Square | Ken Whillans Square


Aaron Ally | Media and Technical Coordinator

Scott William | Fight Choreographer

Ethan Ryckman & Quaid Lale | Fight Captains

Original Music by Mike Gauthier

“Peaches” by Jack Black & John Spiker

Program: Team
Yvonne Dhanoa - 1.jpg

Yvonne Dhanoa | #37

Director | Emcee | Producer

aaimg_7359 copy.jpg

Mike Gauthier | #56

Feste the Clown | Musical Director | Composer | Producer

Alicia Nyenjuis.jpg

Alicia Nyenhuis | #25

Stage Manager

Denis Gauthier.jpg

Denis Gauthier | #32

Assistant Stage Manager | Priest

POP ART Shakespeare - 3 copy_edited.jpg

Angela Marriott | #03

Text Analysis and Performance Coach

Elizabeth Rodenburg.jpg

Elizabeth Rodenburg | #11


Ethan Ryckman - 2.jpg

Ethan Ryckman | #09

Malvolio/Captain/First Guard

Everton Campbell - 2.jpg

Everton Campbell | #23

Duke Orsino

Irfaan Suleman.jpg

Irfaan Suleman | #07


Jakob Sonnenberg.jpg

Jakob Sonnenberg | #14

Sir Toby Belch

Kalie Tulan.jpg

Kalie Tulan | #75

Viola (Cesario)

POP ART Shakespeare - 3 copy_edited_edited.jpg

Kareem Davis | #22

Understudy to Duke Orsino

Quaid Lale.jpg

Quaid Lale | #68

Sir Andrew Aguecheek/Valentine/Guitarist

Sofia Habib.jpg

Sofia Habib | #88

Olivia/Second Guard

Tamika Poet.jpg

Tamika Poetzcsh | #16



Victoria  Urquhart | #16

Understudy to Maria

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Gold Donors

Elona Love
Jeannette Harrison
Renée Gauthier

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Silver Donors

Ana Maria Cummins
Elizabeth Marshall
Joh T Gabel
Kayla De Medeiros
Theresa Morrison

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Special Thanks

Ashleigh Browne

Bryan McGowan

Carrie Libling

Danny Harvey

Jagpreet Singh Dhanoa

Katherine Belshaw

Katie Leamen

Melanie East

Michael Rawley

Michael Vickers

Nicole Gauthier

Paul Major

Peter Suchostawski

Rose Marie Gauthier

Steven Schipper

Taylor Shannon

Terrie Pirie

Valerie Nantes

Vikki Velenosi

BAO - Brampton Arts Organization

St. Anne’s Church 

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