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Much Ado About Nothing

Director's Note

Welcome to Brampton’s Own Shakespeare Show. This is our very first season, and I’m so happy that you are here to share this experience with us. 

Much Ado About Nothing is my absolute favorite Shakespeare comedy, so it only made sense to start the BOSS festival with this show. My hope is to focus on Shakespeare’s comedies for the next few seasons, as I think we can all agree that we’ve had enough tragedy in the last 2 years. 

One of the most interesting questions in this play is “Who is the villain?” On the surface, one could assume that Don John, the Prince’s brother, is the villain. He does say after all “it must not be denied but I am a plaine dealing villaine”. However, when I look at the two couples in this play, and how their courtships unfold, I cannot deny that there is at least one other, even more sinister villain in this play. 

And that’s the patriarchy! The women in this play barely speak at all, and I am always amazed at how the problems Beatrice and Hero face in this 400 year old play are some of the same problems women face today. One is independent, witty and doesn’t want to get married - and everyone in her life tells her she needs to find a husband! As if becoming a wife must be the ultimate goal for all women. The other is the “perfect woman”, beautiful, mild, obedient - but she can still have her life ruined by the words of a man. Honestly, there is much to be desired in the land of Messina, as much as there is in North America today. It is my belief, as a feminist, that the men in this play have much to learn about being a good person. Let’s all watch together and see if they can’t grow and redeem themselves by the end.

I truly hope that you have a fantastic evening here at the Brampton’s Own Shakespeare Show. We’ll be stopping the action twice for questions, so please don’t be shy and raise your hand. It is my ultimate goal to make as many people fall in love this summer, with Shakespeare, with outdoor theatre, and with our Brampton parks. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Thank you,

Yvonne Dhanoa

P.S. And if you have 2 min after the show, please fill out our audience feedback survey. It would be so helpful to hear what you think… this festival is Brampton’s Own after all. 

Cast & Crew Roster

Much Ado About Nothing

July 28 to August 13, 2022
Chinguacousy Park | Mount Pleasant Square | Ken Whillans Square


Yvonne Dhanoa | #36

Director | Emcee | Producer


Mike Gauthier | #65

Leonato | Musical Director | Composer | Producer


Justin Santiago | #21

Production Assistant | Stage Manager


Alison Santiago | #73

Assistant Stage Manager (she/her)


Alan Jalali | #10



Augusta "Gus" Monet | #08

Conrade | Margaret


Cali Rain Soissa | #26

Hero | Watchman 1


Connor Briggs | #06



James Llewellyn Evans | #07

Don John | Sexton


Julianna Docherty | #11

Borachio | Ursula | Boy


Mannu Bhandal | #99

Don Pedro


Max Most Ackerman | #12

Balthasar | Friar Francis


Michelle Blight | #03

Beatrice | Watchman 2


Tamika Poetzsch | #16

Dogberry | Messenger


Vishnu Gur | #53

Lord | Singer

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